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When the Citadel in City 17 fell, everyone in the world knew it one way or another. Maybe they didn't know exactly what had happened, but they knew that something had gone down. Between the Suppression Field being gone and the sudden stir of activity among Combine military units, something enormous had happened. Oh, sure, Isaac Kleiner took advantage of the stir to hijack the communications broadcast network and put the word out about exactly what was going on, but... well. No offense to Kleiner, but he was a physicist. Not a broadcast technician. His range was limited at best, and his signal repetition and coverage was patchy at worst. It was something of a miracle that any of what he said was received outside of North America.

The broadcasts that started going up after that were a little better, as the Resistance grew more familiar with their equipment. When they finally took the Greenbrier, and all the equipment the United States Government had once planned to use to push its message of 'we're still here' should the Bomb ever fall, they hit a jackpot without realizing it. The Greenbrier equipment was designed to bounce signals off satellites, to reach Americans and their allies almost anywhere in the world. True, it was out of date and yes, many of the old satellites hadn't been tended to since the Combine came, but there were enough to push the word farther and clearer than had ever been done before. For the first time, news from the North American continent stood a chance of reaching Europe. True, it was in English, and even with the satellite equipment it was still a little patchy, but it got through.

At least, it got through enough for one man in a remote holding high in a mountain range out of the direct Combine line of fire to hear, and to stare at his radio, and then to swear copiously under his breath.


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